Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 - Our First Great Lake - Terry Fox & North Shore of Superior

After coming through a very pretty area around Fort Frances, we arrived in Thunder Bay and stopped for lunch on the edge of Lake Superior. The grain elevators are huge here, even bigger than Vancouver. The Sleeping Giant was voted as one of Canada's seven wonders, it is a provincial park where the hill tops are shaped like a giant lying down asleep with his hands across his chest. A nice park yes, but one of our 7 wonders ???? Must have been a lot of Thunder Bay people voting in that CBC contest I think.

The Terry Fox Memorial is very beautifully set at a scenic viewpoint overlooking Superior. This is close to where he had to give up his quest to raise money for cancer reseach by crossing Canada on one leg by completing a marathon everyday. Over $24 million was raised before he died of cancer in the early 80's, and of course millions more have been raised since. Truly a great Canadian and an immense inspiration.

North Shore of Superior is very pretty, we like the rocky scenery, lots of waterfalls and canyons and red red rock in this area, caused by the heradite rock and iron. Sun is out again.

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