Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day to Grandad & Shawn

Thinking of you and wishing you a very happy day. Thank you both for being such great Dad's and to dad for being such an involved Grandad. Here is your first Fathers Day Blog greeting!! How technologically savvy is that. Have a great day, Lots of Love Sandra, Rhianna & James. xxxx


  1. Keeping an eye on your progress - looks totally fab. Keep up the posts and pics - great to see what you're up to. Our plans still on track. Should be back in Bramhall by mid August.

  2. WELL IT SEEM'S THAT YOU ALL ARE HAVING SOO MUCH FUN AND I AM WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST THROUGHOUT YOUR JOURNEY! This is what all family's should do and see the most beautiful country in the world CANADA!! Keep on steaming and soon you will be home with us in Newfie ha ha and Tracy and i can't wait to get thet either.
    Well i will check in later in the journey.
    Have fun and may God bless and watch over you all and keep you safe throughout your trip and may you find yourselve's in Newfoundland....all the best and thinking of you all.........Bobby

  3. Welcome Bobby and thanks for your nice comments. It will be nice to see you in Fleur De Lys, which I know as the Prince of Wales feathers. See you soon Sandra