Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3 & 4 3000km Into Manitoba & Souris

Souris - A surprisingly elegant town with very lovely Victorian Architechture, a beautiful city park, Victoria Park, complete with peacocks and an avery and a beautiful river. Souris must have a rich history, but it will remain secret as non of the locals nor the staff at the library really know why such elegant buildings were built here. There is a story of an English squire who built a swing bridge across the river to connect his home with downtown, so I can only assume that the wealthy younger sons of English family's came here with large trust funds and built some very impressive houses which have been lovingly maintained and kept.

Unfortunately, despite the license plates, we found the locals to be anything but friendly in Souris Manitoba. Sour in Souris would be more appropriate. Perhaps the winters are just a bit too long for people!!

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