Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10 Wawa Moose Spoting & heading for Sault Ste Marie ON

Stayed at The Good Sam Campground in Wawa, right on the river. While I was on the computer, the kids and Shawn went fishing and had the wonderful experience of watching a Moose swim across the river in front of them. How wonderful. I saw this once before in Alaska and remember being overwhelmed by the sheer size of a Moose.

Ontario wants a $10 entrance fee just to stop and have lunch in a provincial park. This is the first time we have been asked to pay to enter a provincial park. Also Ontario provincial parks cost more to camp in than the private campgrounds. They are very nice and have services but they are the most expensive provincial parks we have encountered yet and the $10 daily use fee is just irritating to touring visitors who would like to whip through a few provincial parks in a day.

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