Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st Consul & Eastend Sask

Off to bed under a big Saskatchewan moon, sweet dreams. The Manley family has opened a new bakery in Consul and we enjoyed meeting them and devoured their sticky cinnamon buns, bread and rolls. We were happy to find them open as the one and only grocery store in town was closed for lunch!
They were surprised to find that Consul was on the main route from Comox to St Johns for us. We are still following the historic Red Coat Trail and loving meeting the people in small town Saskatchewan. Thank you Consul for the tour of your grain elevator now onto Eastend and the
T Rex Discovery Centre.

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  1. hiya i didnt know i could post comments to you. enjoying all the lovely photos .hope you are all having a good time .lots of love alison and co xxx