Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 Into Ontario -Husky Truck Stop Thunder Bay

As you approach the Ontario border outcrops of rock start to appear and the granite rock of the Canadian shield becomes increasingly apparent. You have to see the rocky outcrops to realise how long it has been since we have seen any rock! This is our first rainy day so we have decided to drive, which is a good job because the first big place, Thunder Bay, is still almost 600km away from the border. At the border information centre we met a couple from Nanaimo also going to Newfoundland, perhaps we will see them on the ferry?

Spent the day driving in the rain through Lake in the Woods country. I am sure it looks nicer on a sunny day, but really to enjoy this landscape I think you have to be in a boat, exploring the 14,500 islands in the area. From the road it is just trees, trees and more trees, not the most inspiring day. Rhianna and James did really well on a long day in the car.

Funny to go from Southern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and to suddenly find ourselves in Northern Ontario. Got in late so slept in a noisy truck stop! Moved into the Eastern time zone, our third time zone and fifth province so far. Ontario is huge, Ottawa is still 2,000km away! We are now nearer to Chicago, which is only 700 km away. Lots of Americans come here on holiday, temperatures are in farenheit and distances are in miles for them.
Fishing is everything here, worlds largest muskie are found here, James thinks it is about time someone breaks the record.

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