Monday, June 1, 2009

Animals we have seen

Marten in Hope; Rattlesnake & Marmot's in Christina Lake; A Moose in Fernie; Lots of Beavers in Fort MacLeod AB; Pelicans and Antelope on the Alberta, Sask border close to Cypress Hills.
I had no idea that we had Pelicans in Canada. We were lucky enough to see a baby Antelope which apparently is very rare. No bear sightings yet.
June 9 huge Moose at the side of the road just past Thunder Bay. So many Beavers in the last stretch of Manitoba and just into Ontario. Beaver lodges and dams everywhere, now I understand why this is our national animal.


  1. hi mum said to tell u her mobile is broken so call on landline .have a great time ,lol alison xx
    happy birthday for rhianna next week xx

  2. paul bought mum another fone so all good