Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12 Pancake, Pictographs at Agawa & Sault Ste Marie

We all spent a lazy morning on the beautiful beach, kids and Shawn building damns and re-directing the rivers. Rhianna was mapping out a new town on the beach. Nice relaxing day, but we have all been bitten by black flies that seem to love our ears and heads. Yuk, we will have to be more diligent with the musk oil and try and keep them off us.

Hard to believe that something the size of Superior can freeze in the winter.

A little further down the road we stopped at Agawa Bay and walked in to a spot where Pictographs dating back to 50BC have been found and are still clearly visible. Drawn in ocre red by the Huron or Ojibway indians they depict a mythical lynx, canoes, horses and fish. Remarkable to think that people were here drawing on cliffs two thousand years ago and the drawings are still here for us to enjoy. Getting to them is rather have to hang precariously off ropes and chains and lean out over a very cold Lake Superior, so you can get enough of an angle to look up at the pictographs on the cliffs!! Shawn had stayed in the truck so I had both Rhianna and James hanging off ropes over the lake. The sight of the life ring on a rope at the end of the path 100 feet away offered little reassurance. James and I were both nervous as we edged our way out along the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs, Rhianna was just fine and wished we would both hurry up!!

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  1. Sandra you must be crazy. What an exciting time. Good job your Mum wasn't there. Jackie