Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 Visiting Bruce Power - A Nuclear Power Station

It is not everyday that you get to visit a nuclear power station and leave with a souvenir uranium pellet. The tourist centre was closed when we arrived at 4pm, however Bruce Power is blessed with a spectacular communications officer called Patricia Mullen. Patricia, who was already at her car and ready to go home, re-opened the visitor centre for us, gave us a well informed fascinating insight into how a nuclear power station works and even let us watch a short video in the movie theatre. Needless to say we were extremely impressed and learned lots. Patricia makes an excellent case for nuclear power. This plant supplies about 20% of Ontario's power, with nuclear supplying around 30% in total. Interestingly they can't make nuclear isotopes here as their reactors are too powerful. You need much less powerful reactors to do that!!!

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