Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2 Scottsguard Ghost Town SK

We had the pleasure of meeting Keith and Bev who would now be the Mayor and Mayoress of Scottsguard being the sole owners of the now abandoned town. Keith is a third generation farmer, a Century farmer, and a collector extrodinaire. Together they have created a museum of the area and have an incredible collection of antique cars, both immaculate and many works in progress.

Incredibly generous with their time, they shared the history of how the Scotts and Norweigians came together to homestead in this area; the trials, tribulations and huge costs of modern farming....the weather, the wheat board, the prices, organic crops, Kamut and the $400,000 cost of a combine harvester that only works for two weeks each year!

Thank you Keith & Bev for bring farming in Saskatchewan to life for us, we hope you enjoy your curly shells and sand dollars.

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