Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22/23 Toronto - Blue Jays at Sky Dome & CN Tower

Of course we were the only RV driving right through downtown Toronto on the Gardiner Express Way!! Found a beautiful campground, Gorge Park right on the border of Toronto and Pickering and only half an hour by double decker Go Train into downtown Toronto from Rouge Hill Station. Although it was hot & humid, we had a great day walking around Kensington Market, exploring pigs heads and chicken feet in China town and loving to see the kids wide eyed expressions as they took in the sights. We hopped on and off street cars and subway trains and James marvelled "Just look at the width of this sidewalk, it's huge!!"

Of course we had to go up the CN Tower, complete with the glass windows in the floor of the glass elevator and the even more freaky, glass floor in parts of the tower. Looking out from the top, I was surprised at just how many trees and parks Toronto has. As Canada's largest city, 5th largest city in North America, it certainly has done well retaining green spaces and of course a nice lake front beach area on Lake Ontario. We looked down on the open topped Sky Dome sports stadium where we later went and sat in the nose bleeds section to watch the Blue Jays beat Cincinnati. Not having a clue about baseball, I was delighted to spend my time re-connecting with Paul and Nancy. Paul and I had worked together at Vancouver Magazine almost 20 years ago. Great to see you both again, thanks for coming in and for the great company during the baseball game. It was very exciting for us all to be in Sky Dome with the CN Tower literally towering over us during the game. Home on the train at 11.30pm! Late night for the kids but worth every minute.

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