Sunday, July 19, 2009

More PEI photos, some just for Ali.

Little Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province. Famous for Anne of Green Gables, Bud the Spud, Lester the Lobster, Fantastic Cows icecream and Charlottetown, the capital, is famous for being the place where the idea of forming Canada from the mish mash of British North American colonies was first created in 1865. Confederation happened in 1867 with Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia agreeing to form The Dominion of Canada. Ironically PEI, which now trades on being Confederation did not join initially and held out for a better deal. PEI joined in 1869. BC didn't join until 1873 and Newfoundland held out until the 1950's. PEI can now be accessed over The Confederation bridge, which is the longest bridge crossing salt water in the world, 12.1km long and has to shut down in high winds. Their little legislative buiding is the cutest government room that I have ever seen, it is tiny and houses only 23 MLA's. Unlike everywhere else, the government here sits on the left of the speaker, with the opposition sitting to the right. Apparently Newfoundland does the same thing. Rumour has it that it is because of the sun being in the Premiers eyes, but who knows.

Photo's of kids eating Candy floss or Cotton Candy as it is called here are just for Ali, to prove that they do go to a funfair and eat crap once in a while!!! Right after they are done studying the double spirals of Catholic Cathedrals and answering history questions on Confederation.

Not sure if you can see, just how red the soil and sand is in the photos, but it really is a very beautiful colour red. Surprisingly the PEI potatos are not red skinned.


  1. HOORAH kids being kids xxx say thank you to auntie alison for candy floss but i bet you took it staright off them after posing for a photo lol xx

  2. Today they even had bubblegum, allowed once a year!!

  3. why arent they allowed gum ,yes its messy but how are they gonna learn to blow big bubbles that pop on ur face and get stuck in ur hair if they can only do it annually .
    also i am slightly concerned as to why there seems to be so many mechanical cows to milk ,is this a local passtime for kids ? very odd i find .

  4. Yes, fair comment....there has been a high proportion of mechanical cows.....must find some real ones...