Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8 Goodbye Quebec & Hello New Brunswick.

Just a bridge apart, but such different worlds. We left Quebec, where we had been unable to find an English newspaper or anyone whose first language was not French. A great experience, but I have to say not the friendliest part of Canada. People just don't make eye contact when they pass you, or make any effort to greet you in any way. Drive across the bridge to Campbelton, Salmon capital of NB and suddenly along with the one hour time change, comes a totally different culture. Friendly, open and helpful people, lots of English spoken and yes English newspapers. This area is Acadian, rich in resistance history, but now a very proud and vibrant part of Canada. Very bi-lingual, NB, is Canada's only officially bi-lingual province and even some of the newspapers have each story written in each language, something that I have never seen before.

I love it. The Acadian flag flies everywhere, it is the same as the French flag, with an added yellow star.

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