Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2 OKA - Finally into Quebec

After 3 weeks in Ontario, we finally got to Quebec, where all signs are immediately all in French, not bilingual, but all French. It is a remarkable fast transition from on side of the Ottawa River to the next. My french is weak, but I have done much better than expected at understanding people and slowly my words are coming back to me, it is fun to practise french again and the locals are patient with me. The best french error to date came from Shawn, who asked a girl fishing at the dock if she had caught any "Grande Poulet?" Which for those of you, who don't know is any big chicken? After her intial look of surprise and confusion, we all had a good laugh.

The only English signs we say were on the Mohawk Indian reservation at Oka, where they sell tax free cigarettes for about a quarter of the retail price. For miles the road is lined with little cigarette selling shacks, it is like a cigarette resort area, all very bizarre and remarkably here they serve you in English, no problem!!!

The weather remains awful, torrential rain and thunder storms.

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