Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 3,4,5 Quebec City

Wow, C'est Fantastique!
Truly a little piece of Europe here in North America. Canada's oldest city, that celebrated being 400 years old last year. Masses of history, fighting the English and the Americans, the Protestant V the Catholics and the Indians. No wonder there are some spectacular forts in the area. Really enjoying learning the history from a different perspective. Torrential rain cut short our day and we retreated to the 5th wheel for a lazy evening watching Nancy Drew video's with the kids.

Quebec roads are in remarkably awful condition, general consensus is that all money goes on healthcare, daycare and social programs. However, they must have had their share of the stimulus money as every town seems to have a major infrastructure project happening. The overpasses in particular are being fixed, after last years collapse in Montreal.

Hoping the rain stops tomorrow and we can get out and explore on our bikes

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