Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 9,10,11,12 Escuminac, WOW Great Campsite, Lobster Harbour NB

Thank you to Jo, Monica and all for a fantastic stay at Escuminac Family Campground, what a beautiful setting on 8km of unspoiled, uncrowded beach. Our favourite spot so far....wished we could have stayed longer with you, such wonderful people on your uncrowded, unspoiled beach.
Best beach camping we have ever found
Rhianna says
WE are on this totaly awsome beach campground ma bober
we went swiming and we are in new brunswick still !HAPPY FACE


Wow - New Brunswick people are the best!! So friendly, open and giving. We have found a Fantastic campground on a beautiful long sandy beach and we are sitting around doing very little...except swimming, playing and eating lobster.....this is the "Kick back at the beach part of our adventure."
Last night Andre and his family where kind enough to take us out on his lobster boat, we had a tour out to the lighthouse and then he cut the motor so we could all jump in and swim in the Atlantic....Thank you so much.....we had a wonderful time, really enjoyed your company and hospitality......We came back and had fun cracking open our lobster for dinner. This area supplies The Red Loster Restaurant chain with their lobsters. Locals tell us that the small lobsters are the tastiest and that lobsters up to 8lbs have been caught.

June this year marked the 50th Anniversary of a major fishing disaster here, which claimed the lives of 35 local fishermen, many of whom left wives with up to 12 children to care for. Irving Oil and Lord Beaverbrook were among the many NB companies that created a disaster relief fund that allowed the families to remain in the area. Only one of the 35 widows re-married.

Tonight is the local party, marking the end of the summer lobster season. The day started with about 35 Harley Davidson bike riders heading off for a days ride before returning for the party at the wharf later. This is the largest wharf in Atlantic Canada, not the deepest, it is only 10 feet deep, but the largest in size.

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