Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6 Val Brillant & Battle of Restigouche QC

Double spiralled church indicates a Cathedral. This one started in 1924 and completed in 1949 cost $85,000 to build and is very beautiful and impressive. Only 2,000 people lived in the area then and they totally financed the construction, including gold on the ceiling, now the population is down to 1,000. Beautiful river valley area and great salmon fishing area.

The battle of the Restigouche was the last naval battle to secure British North America from the French. As it turns out the French could no longer afford to a war to hold on to New France and the only reason they were trying to win back Quebec City after it fell to the English was to use it as a bargaining chip to secure French Martinque and Guadaloupe, which were both profitable sugar colonies. Seriously lacking in supplies of both food and amunition, essentially both the English and the French were simply sitting around for months, knowing that whosever supply ships arrived first would win Quebec City. It was a nine week journey to France and back. The British had a far superior navy although the French were known to build the best ships. The British strategy was to blockade France and thus prevent or impede any supply ships leaving for the colonies. This worked in this case as the British Supply ships arrived first and secured Quebec City for British North America. When the French arrived they pulled into the next harbour which was Restigouche were they had the land support of the Acadians and Micmac Indians. This British heard they were there and came around the corner from the St Lawrence River and blocked the French into a corner. After a battle, the French chose to scuttle their ships rather than allow the British to capture their supplies. There are now some 27 ships from the mid 18th Century preserved in the mud and lying intack at the bottom of the river. The salted

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