Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 14, 15 More Anne photos.....Great Day at Avonlea Village

A tourist trap, but really, really well done. We had an excellent day of entertainment, Anne of Green Gables short plays, toe tapping maritime music and sing a longs, old fashioned sports day, school lessons, church services, dress up, Anne & Gilbert Blythe wedding, horse carriage rides and delicious Cow's ice cream. Weather is fantastic and so are the pinky red PEI beautiful sandy beaches. The rock is amazingly red. Beautiful red ploughed fields and green green rolling hills. Very scenic, we are having a great time here.
I did learn about a less than pleasant side of Dr Bernardo's today. Children as young as three were shipped to Canada 100 years ago, many were not orphans, as the British public, who were funding the mass migration believed. One little three year old girl called Ellen, who had bright red hair, was the inspiration for Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables, who, of course was also an orphan girl. PEI was looking for strong young male orphans who could help farm the fields, all too often they were disappointed to find a young girl at the station instead of a strong male farm hand. This is also part of the Anne story. I bought the book "Ellen" and I am looking forward to reading it. There is now an organisation called Canadian Centre for Home Children that is based in Avonlea and they work to connect Canada's home children with any living relatives that they may still have in England.

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