Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27th Fernie & Sparwood BC

We loved Fernie a great little town completely surrounded by Rocky Mountains and the spectacular Lizzard Range. At dusk you can see the Ghostrider shadow on the rock face of the mountain. It is a great image of a man riding a horse with an indian woman walking behind him. There is a legend behind it that involves a white man renegining on a promise to marry a chiefs daughter after the chief had told the white guy where to find coal in the area. The curse was lifted by the indians in 1964. Fernie also had the best playground that we have found so far. Lots of new very ritzy Whister type mountain condo's being built here. We also saw our first moose.

After Fernie we drove on to Sparwood, home of The World's Biggest Truck, 3300HP with 14 foot tires that cost $10k per tire, so we stopped for a few photos and then drove on to the Alberta border.

Photo's to follow when I have a better internet connection

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